Unable to enable Print Format

Good Morning Community!

I am unable to enable Print Format, It shows error “Standard Print Format cannot be updated”.

Hi @falahtech,

If developer mode is on then you can any changes or update the default format.
Otherwise, we will suggest you, please create a new custom print format and customize it accordingly.

Thank You!

Thanks @NCP

While I am enabling developer mode error “Not Found” is showing.

About :

Developer Mode command:

bench --site [sitename] set-config developer_mode 1
bench --site [sitename] clear-cache
bench --site [sitename] clear-website-cache
bench --site [sitename] migrate

Then reload and check it.

You can modify any default format.
It’s worked on the stable of version-14 on our side.

Please check in develop version of erpnext.

Thank You!

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Thanks a lot @NCP