Unable to Fetch Data Issue

Hi, I wanted to fetch the Item’s UOM in Work Order’s Required Item table, but it didn’t work. Below are the screenshots:

  1. I added an UOM field to show the UOM of ‘item_code’:

  2. I inserted ‘item_code.stock_uom’ in the Fetch From field:

  3. As you can see below, the fieldname for UOM in Item Doctype is ‘stock_uom’, hence there should be no issue to fetch the UOM.

Unfortunately, it didn’t. Can anyone point out the cause of this problem?

@Raymond_Liew, you can set the Type of field as Data rather than Link of this field and I did it into the DocType rather than Customize Form. It has worked. In my case, I did it for Patient Encounter DocType.

Because Link field only allows to set Linked data from another DocType. That might be the reason you couldn’t get the value. Hope it will help.