Unable to fetch the Whole item data in a customized child table

Hi, I am new here

We have installed ERPNext locally and we are trying to customize a little bit in the selling module.

I am trying to add a Doctype “Estimation” in selling and another child table “Estimation Item”. I have successfully added two doctypes. Now the problem is when creating a new Estimation. The item table is not fetching any data except item code. Can someone help.

In the Standard DocTypes, all the fetching functionality is built inside the code - reason you don’t have to fetch it manually.

Since you have created a DocType, there is no code/function to fetch the required fields, you will have to manually Customize it to fetch from the required DocType, refer this tutorial to learn on how to customize it.

Hi, Thank you for your quick reply. I will try to sort it out. Many thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: