Unable to find a single batch that fulfills this requirement

I have sufficient Qty in that Batch for certain Item but still got the “Please select a Batch for Item #####. Unable to find a single batch that fulfills this requirement” when making delivery note. Can anyone help me on this or is there a way to solve this bug?

My Batch ID for that item is active and have enough stock level. On the stock summary the item also shows enough qty for me to sell

My Batch Item:

This is the error:

Hi @Romanos_Albert,

Please check the warehouse, if the warehouse is proper then check the posting date and time according to the stock.

Check for open the stock ledger and check the last stock date and time according to the warehouse and batch.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!


I found out that this is regarding of my Product Bundle.
So currently that batch 166844 and 165198 is a child item for Product bundle. I read on other threads that Product Bundle with Batched Child Item give the same error.

So yeah I think it is a bug, because the product bundle need to have maintain stock as 0 and has batch as 0 also. But the child can have maintain stock as 1 but cannot have has batch as 1. My other batch is working correctly as long as I do not sell in as product bundle