Unable to find newly created doctype in system

Here is the scenario,
I’ve ON Developer Mode and create a new doctype to handle our web users. but nothing is showing on frontend / in any module.
If i hit direct URL then system show me the page but still unable to find new button for creating record.
All the permissions are set. System Manager role is included and i’m login through admin user.

Thanks in Advance.


Can you please share the screenshot of custom Doctype added, so that we can see the category selected for it?

Also, just try Ctrl + F in a Module in which this Doctype has been added.

@umair bhai please have a look,

Image Pasted2|690x265

What was the module selected for this Doctype?

Were you able to locate it under Setup section of the module’s home page?

Also, did Ctrl + F in the module’s page help?