Unable to get before_workflow_action in custom script working

Firstly, thanks for a well thought-out, and extensible open-source ERP system. The only small quibble that I would have is that the developer documentation could be improved: it is sometimes hard to find solutions once one gets beyond basics.

  • Have been trying to get the before_workflow_action event to trigger, and somehow cannot seem to do so. For a stripped-down example, here is a client script for the Buying > Supplier Quotation form:
    frappe.ui.form.on(‘Supplier Quotation’, {
    before_workflow_action: function(frm) {
    console.log( frm.selected_workflow_action )
    This does not seem to work (nothing is logged to console on creating, and submitting a supplier quotation.

  • Have also tried with custom workflows, and more complex functions. Other client script events work fine. Is there anything else that needs to be enabled for this. Running on a self-hosted ERPNext system, and have tried with version 13.5, and 14.0.0-beta

Thanks for any help.