Unable to get emails from mail inbox

hii,i am not fetching the mails from inbox in erpnext

can anyone help me???

Hi himanshu, you need to give us more to work on. logs or something

hii bhupesh, it is okk but i am easily send mail through erp but not incoming mails ??

Please Refer this Link
Frappe Cloud.

Sagar D. Shiragawakar.
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

hii sagar thaks for reply but i have already seen this and set all the settings according this but still problem is same i am not getting emails from inbox.

Hi himanshu,
please run the scheduler,and check it.Your scheduler is not working properly.

Sagar D. Shiragawakar.
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

how can i run scheduler tell me

for incoming mail i have check scheduler and also run command sudo supervisorctl status but there is no running process here so now is it right or worng for incoming mails???

my scheduler is not working properly plz help me

bench frappe --ipython command for ipython shell

after that i run cint(frappe.db.get_value(‘Support Email Settings’, None, ‘sync_support_mails’))
from erpnext.support.doctype.support_ticket.get_support_mails import get_support_mails
get_support_mails() so now i get the mails from id but i don’t get mails directlly.

@himanshu.agrawal9549 can’t recall version 4. But what does your deployment look like? If you are running production, make sure the worker process are activated by supervisord