Unable to import data for suppliers


I have all the relevant permissions required as per the document log to create imports for stock and suppliers. However, I am getting an error that says “Resource not available.” How can I go about fixing this?

FYI, its working fine in the admin’s system so it isn’t a core software bug.

Please provide your code here for better comprehension.

Dear Mr. @Saksham_Jain ,

The user id through which you are trying to import (still) does not seem to have the requisite permissions.

1st - We are missing something. Possible to share few role permission / document permission related screenshots? It helps.

2nd…instead of upload, try for 1 record manually. See if it happens.

1 & 2 above should give us insights.

Hi @Saksham_Jain

Please try to create one record for item or stock entry for stocks and create one record for supplier master. If it will create then check the data import permission and also for data import logs permission.

Please send a error message you are facing.