Unable to import data "Too many values to unpack"

I’m testing the live demo. Trying to import items using Import tool, I get error message “too many values to unpack”. I tried reducing to only 1 item left in the table, the error is still shown. I also tried uploading the original template with data, the error still shows.

I tried the older version 9, I can import data just fine.


Hi @Plfamily_Smarttv,

can you please share more details on the file you are trying to import? Is it an xlsx based on the export template? And the exact same file imports fine into v9? Which DocType?


The problem occured with both xlxs, csv files, when setting the system to
Thai language. However, I change to English langauge and download template
again, the error dissapear.

I have to use Thai language, what shoud I do?


The Thai version has error. Then changing system language to English and
upload the English file, the error disappeared. Both files have identical

Can you make the export also with the Thai language setting?

Yes, I can. Kindly check the attached file item(2) in previous reply. That
is what I export with Thai langauge setting. Importing that file back
without modification will produce the error too.


also i got same error. it seems to be there is a language problem in export import. the operation basics are written in english. can admins correct this bug on later updates?

Thanks for reporting this please copy your error traceback here…

edit: Also please include include the specific ERPNext and Frappe versions

See also Erpnext 10 data import error from template excel file - only English language import works? - #9 by clarkej

Hi @Kaan_Oztoprak or @Plfamily_Smarttv

This since V10 import of non-English language export gives 'too many values to unpack' · Issue #14663 · frappe/frappe · GitHub is in response to your import problem.

But I have closed it for now - if it still is a problem please add a traceback in that case.


There is no way to import successful. please check this is xlsl file

My guess is your ‘too many values to unpack’ errors are column parsing mismatches and language-based character encoding.

Please reopen 12578 issue above so you will be notified of fix progress.