Unable to Import - Error Claims File Not Attached

We are unable to perform an import of items to test the software. We receive a file not attached error when trying to use the data import tool. Here are the steps taken…

  • Signed up for a single user account to test before on-boarding with a paid account.
  • Manually entered required Brand, Warehouse, etc so there would be valid entries for item import.
  • Downloaded Blank Template for Items
  • Filled Template with 100 Rows of product data for required columns
  • Saved as CSV
  • Browse to file and attach, file shows as attached next to browse button.
  • Click Import
  • Popup dialogue says “Uploading…” for a very brief moment then adds the error below that says “No file attached”

Any ideas?

Hard to demo this for the bigwigs if I can’t even load sample data!


Apparently this issue is a bug related to Chrome. I tested it in Firefox and it works now. Cleared everything in Chrome and tried again, still not working.