Unable to import patient data in "Healthcare" module


I am trying to import patient data using data import tool. The system is rejecting many enteries marking them as ‘duplicate’ with this error message -
" Duplicate Name
Customer already exists

When I manually enter a patient data with same name the system appends 1 to the new patient name. This cannot be done using data import tool.
I’m sharing a sample data for reference. I have given unique ID to every patient still the system rejects entries with same names.
It is possible that 2 or more than 2 people can have sample names.

Is there a work around for this?


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You got to remove the ID column.

The ‘ID’ field is mandatory.

I also tried uploading the data without the ‘ID’ column. But the same error message pops up.

Basically every patient is linked to a customer. If you have deleted the patient record then the customer linked to the patient record is not deleted automatically. So you can delete all the customers first and then import the patient data without ID.

ID is mandatory but when importing records you need not mention it. The system will automatically create it based on naming series or patient name depending on the settings in Healthcare Settings.

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Have you checked if you are using Naming Series or Patient Name as the id? Likewise with the Customer. If using Patient Name, there is the chance that the name is duplicated. If using Naming Series, the index field id/name will be unique.
In any case, when importing new records, you should leave the id field empty

Hello Ardan,

How can I check if the system is using naming series or patient name as id?
I tried uploading the data file with empty ‘id’ field but system is not accepting same name entries.


Hi, It’s good practice to have a naming series to each of the Patients, as it is mandatory to generate one ID for each patient. You can simply search for “Healthcare Settings” and change the “Patient Name Bt” field to Naming Series. Then it will work.

Also, if you are deleting the patients for reupload purposes, then also delete the linked customer to make sure, it’s not duplicating any customers.

Hope this helped!


Hello @Tribikram_Sahu,

Thank you for the information. I have changed the “patient name by” setting to Naming series but it’s still not working.
I’m going to manually enter the rest of the data.

Thanks everyone for the help.

That’s really strange… Can we connect personally for a solution?

the error is duplicated customer name
unrelated to patient id entries
customer related to patient is using id

Thank you very much for reaching out Tribikram.

I have enabled the “create customer for patient” option in the healthcare settings. So, for every patient a customer is created.

Hello @Tribikram_Sahu ,

I have finally manage to upload the entire data without any ‘duplicate data’ issue.

The problem was naming series of ‘customer name’. It was set to ‘customer name’, I changed it to ‘Naming series’. Thank you @AbdalAliy for pointing this issue.

Glad to see your issue resolved :slight_smile: