Unable to Install ERPNext after downloading from https://erpnext.com/download and then bench updated

I have downloaded ERP Next from https://erpnext.com/download.

Imported Virutal Alliance

Given the Virutal Image username and password

It was on commond prompt. Given the below commands
cd frappe-bench
bench update

It took time and update all the things.

To Recheck, give the command again, It says already updated.

Now I am on below command prompt:

I stucked here.

  1. What to do next to see ERP Next is installed?

  2. How to go further to use ERPNext Evolution. I am completly new to linux so it will be good, if you describe the step by step guide.

  3. Ubuntu 14.04 UI, Desktop not loaded.

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.

At frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$
bench start
then open your web browser at
Username: Administrator
Pass: admin

For more bench commands type: bench --help

I Typed, “Bench Start” as per your suggestion and entered, It executred few lines of commands and then came back to frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ again.

How to move further. Still it is on command prompt.

I am completely new to frapper, bench. Do not know the procedure to open web browser in this command prompt.

If it would loaded ubutnu User interface, I could try to open the web browser.

Your help require to this complete newbee to ERPNext, Frapper, Branch. Even I do not know, what is Frapper, What is Bench. Linux or Terminal Commands are the secondry.

Also If you have any link which can provide me help step by step either by guide or video tutorial, that would be very useful apart from your answer, I am expecting.

When I give command as branch --help, screen scrolls so fast that I can not read except the last screen where it stops.

Thanks in Advance.

Martin Sastry

The easiest way to get a local instance up and running on your local Win, OS X or Ubuntu machine is to download and install a Vagrant Box VM of ERPNext. It is available here:

The instructions for installation are for Windows but are exactly the same for OS X or Ubuntu.
What this does is create a VM of Ubuntu sever with ERPNext installed on your local machine. The Vagrant VM also creates all of the ERPNext files on your local OS finder/explorer. This allows you to browse/edit them as you would any other local file.
Once installed you cd ~/to_location_of_chosen_install/frappe-bench/
Then via terminal issue vagrant up and your VM will boot. Once done then issue vagrant ssh and you you will log into your VM ubuntu server at vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-32:~$ Then cd /vagrant/frappe-bench From here you issue all bench commands to Frappe/ERPNext. You can start ERPNext by issuing the command bench start. You will see all the background processes start up. Once these are completed you open your web browser on your desktop and paste localhost:8080 into where google.com would normally go. You should now see the login page for your local ERPNext instance. I then tend to open a new tab in terminal and vagrant ssh then cd /vagrant/frappe-bench I can then enter the command bench update and all ERPNext updates occur. After this I can enter bench --help and get a list of available bench commands. I am going to create a how to on this process as it appears that is confusing to a lot of people. Hope this helps.