Unable to log in after installation

Easy Install
Used in production
The login page is invalid and the login account and password cannot be entered.

You’ll have to show the output screen and/or traceback so that the community here can try to help

The Chinese language is the default setting at the time of installation.
Click Login to do nothing.

Hello Lian,
Try using a different browser.
Check the page on a mobile device.
This would clarify if it is a server problem or browser issue.

Used the easy method yesterday on digital ocean droplet and worked perfectly. - very quick.


Server: Vultr Ubuntu16.04
Wind10 Google Chrome
Thank you, I will try digitalocean.

These are the instructions I use with a description of each code.

It is very important you start off in the right place in the file structure. Become root by this

sudo -i (in the digital ocean droplet you are already root)

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (makes sure ubuntu is up to date)

sudo reboot (just to make sure its happy after the update and upgrade.)

sudo -i (just to make sure you are in root@)

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/frappe/bench/master/playbooks/install.py

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-pip

sudo python install.py --production --user frappe

This will install the PRODUCTION program and create a new user called frappe.

It will ask you for a new password for a database and a

new password for the administrator of the program (the first desktop screen you see after installation).

sudo passwd frappe ( Creates new password for user frappe )

sudo chown -R frappe /home/frappe (maybe this is just good measure – this makes sure user frappe has permissions to access files)

Su frappe (to change user from root@ to frappe@)

-Enter password for user "frappe" created earlier 

Using Cd /

Navigate to frappe-bench
cd home/frappe/frappe-bench

All bench commands operate from this point using user frappe

Hope this makes it easy for you.

Hello, Crikey
thank you very much !
Thank you for your tutorial
Successful installation.