Unable to login after adding JS in Website Settings

I did some changes in admin panel theme. Now my whole admin panel is not working.

Now i couldnt login into my admin panel.

How to overcome this issue?

Remove it. Where you actually did the changes? In which app?

you can check it using git status in frappe-bench/apps/frappe or frappe-bench/apps/erpnext directory. It will show you changed files.


git stash or git checkout

Thanks for your reply!

I did some changes in Themes file (by changing theme color)

Now when i try to login into admin panel, am getting only code.

check git status in - frappe-bench/apps/frappe directory.

If there any changes remove it as mentioned in the previous reply.

To remove (what i actually changed), i need to login into admin panel. But i couldnt login into admin panel because of error!

You have another options, try git stash

If git stash not work, try bench update --reset

When i try to login into admin panel, Am getting like this

Tried bench update --reset?

How to reset bench??? Can you give path for bench???

Guide me how to do bench reset!

It’s simple, go to frappe-bench repository and write:
bench update --reset
press enter

Can you do this for me?

Do you know where’s frappe-bench repository?

Since am new to Erpnext and nervous because of whole system down, its tough for me to understand and fix this issue

Nope i dont know (frappe-bench)

Relax, go to your /home folder, after that do:
cd frappe cd frappe-bench bench restart --update

note: has a space after update word

To go into /home folder, i need to login into admin panel right?

no, it’s just a folder
all users has this folder

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