Unable to login to Frappe Cloud

Frappe Cloud always fails to log in the time l log in , l can log in once the first time and when l log out the second time it refuses saying invalid password and l have tried many different emails and l create an account and it does the same thing

Did you raise a support ticket?

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no how to l raise it , when l look at the site there is only form for contact us

You can send email to support@frappecloud.com
Some time back even I faced this issue (not exactly same, but I was unable to login) and one can only raise ticket after login. At that time I used this email address. Not sure if this is still valid.

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ok thanks

yes l did but still now no response and have also send email at support@frappecloud.com but still response

have sent them email but till now no response are there any other ways of contacting them maybe phone number


I have sent you an email, please check and let me know with a reply.

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noted thanks

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