Unable to Migrate to V11

I’m still scratching my head about why I can’t upgrade to V11. Bench update complains a whole bunch about different things but it seems that there is something with Python 2.7 that is not compatible. There are a few things it complains about such as installing yarn which are easily done but even after these are completed and I run bench update again I still am left with these errors. Ofcourse, then the system is no longer usable as it hangs at the login page.

Here are the screenshots of what is occuring. Running on Ubuntu 16.04 on DigitalOcean. Any ideas?

It appears from your screenshot that the problem maybe with one of your doctype that uses Tree structure. However, I would suggest also posting the version which you are upgrading from so that someone can guide you in a more better manner.

Thanks @Pawan. I’m currently running ERPNext: v10.1.75 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.1.67 (master). It appears that when I got to the final release on v10 there is something wrong which is prohibiting it from completing the upgrade to V11. I’ve been unable to figure it out for the past month or so.