Unable to migrate

I am unable to migrate ERPNext after restoring it.
encryption key onvalid, error uccuring.

@wahab I don’t think I will be able to help but if you want someone to look into your problem you should probably post a screenshot and your error message as a text. This increases your chances to get help.


Hello @wahab,

You might want to check your site_config.json and look at the value for encryption_key. If you originally didn’t have an encryption key set for the site you are using then backup the file, remove the encryption_key from site_config.json, restart your bench and test if it works.

If it doesn’t, try reverting the site_config.json file and asking your system admin for an encryption key in case they set one for the app.



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I have the original one , that i have copied from my live ERP’s site_config.json and i have cross checked it multiple times, Still encryption key error on bench migrate.

Have you solved it?