Unable to open attachment in Mobile App

Hi ,

I am using MobileApp of ERPNext to assign tasks and To Do list for me and my team , I am using only MobileApp as the we are all always on the move , I am able to attach files in Tasks and To Do using Mobile App , However when I am trying to open it it simply not opening , I tried doing this for a 20 KB file and I have pretty okay internet connectivity.
Any clues what must be wrong here ?

Also I observed that , I am able to both attach and open all types of files i.e. PDF , Excel and Word and Video files using my desktop , however I am only able to open video file on my mobile and not PDF and Excel.


Do you have apps that can handle these filetypes ? Something like WPS Office or similar

Hi ,

Yes I have an Office App on my Mobile Device and am able to open the same files on the same device external to ERPNext.

Any thing I am missing here ?

Check for and inspect the logs to learn more?

i have same issue with mobile app


I checked and there are no entries exist in error logs for this subject

Maybe you can raise the stdout ‘message’ log level say info to debug?

Possibly relates to this Problem to attach file after update

Thanks , is there any solution for this ? I am stuck and cant proceed with my implementation !!

For a solution to work first you must identify the problem?

True , I don’t have an access to bench , I have installed ERPNext through .OVA I am not aware of how to generate error log