Unable to pay for Purchase Orders that are already received into inventory

I am having trouble trying to pay the purchase orders in my system that are at “To Bill” state. The materials on the Purchase Orders have already been received at this point and I just need to pay for them.

I have been following the instructions located here:


and here:


Those documents led me to use the “Make” button and the “Payment” selection right from the top of the original Purchase Order.

When I use the above method to pay for the purchase order, the status of the purchase order remains “To Bill” and the red attention number still appears on the Purchase Order icon on the desktop as if I had not paid for the order. When I look at the ledger it appear that the Purchase Order has been paid by listing Credit amount and the Debit amount.

The payment mode selection is always “Check” and the amount is always the exact amount indicated on the purchase order. The Mode of Payment is already defined in the system with proper accounts, so that is not the problem. The Received items on the purchase order were automatically place into inventory when the Receipt record was done that created the “To Bill” status.

Evan after all of this, the original Purchase Order still remains at “To Bill” status.

What am I missing?


i think you need to make a purchase invoice for that po. and then make a payment. best