Unable to pay sales invoice

Hei there
feel kind of silly, but ever since a resent update we are unable to “pay” an outstanding invoice.
The action button “Pay” is just not there. I can only cancel the invoice.
My User has access to all modules and is a member of all roles. Plus this used to work 2 months hence or so.

i can still create and cancel existing invoices without any problem.

Know any settings that might have changed?

regards and thanks

Please go to the “Role Permissions Manager” and check the permissions for sales invoice.


Are you using the regular Sales Invoice form or the POS view?

@cpurbaugh I reset all Permissions on Sales Invoice thru the Role Persmissions Manager, still no joy. (see screenshot attached)
My User is a member of “Accounts Manager”
Something that i dont understand: Why is there a second rule for the Accounts Manager?

@anand i am using forms view: