Unable to print a document

Hello Everyone, i am new to ERPNext and i just encountered this issue when i try to print a document in draft status. Other documents are printing fine apart from this file in particular.

i get an error message “string does not contain a date” and then when i click on print i see an empty page with {{body}}

i would really appreciate a solution on this issue.


@Emmanuel_Oreva is it the standard print format ? what is the doctype ?

it is a standard dcument that is just supposed to be printed and sent to a client regarding services rendered at one of their gas station. an engineer at site fills the form then it is saved as draft while those in the office print and send it back to the client

@Emanuelnavi it looks like your date is not actually a date . I don’t know which one exactly but , check dates and see if any of them is miss-written

i guess so, because every other documents in that same category we send to clients gets printed but only this one, or could it be it wasn’t filled with the right data? i will look into it more to be sure again.

@Emmanuel_Oreva open that doctype and right click anywhere → inspect elements .
click “console”, write cur_frm.doc and hit enter . you will get a json about all the doctype, check the ones that are dates and their values.

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