Unable to remove customer role

I have created new user, but when I am removing customer role it’s not saving and again getting enabled.

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This is because there is a contact record linked with this user. Go to Contact list (search in the search bar) and delete any record associated with this user, refresh the page and then try to remove the “Customer” role.

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Thanks. Deleted the record and it worked.
Just another inputs, the user is able to see settings, customization, and manage subscription links. The user just has the HR user role and is able to see setting having customization link also

You can limit the modules that need to be accessible to the user via the user’s profile. Go to the user’s profile and under “Allow Modules” section, select the checkbox of the modules that you want to allow access to.

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Thanks for Reply.
I have done the same , but the left side menu is showing the links which I have not allowed. For Example the normal user is able to see customization and administration heads.

Also the user doctype is having permissions to only system manager , but the user is able to edit some of fields such has he.she is able to change his first name , last name etc.


Could you please tell which roles you have given to the user and which modules are allowed so that I can try to replicate this in my test instance? Please attach screenshots too.

I have not given any role OR any module access to the user . Even after that the user is able to see lot of documents.
Case 1 : The user is able to modify his user record. ( as per the user doctype permissions it is only to the system manager.)
Case 2 : The user is able to see the left side navigation links cutsomization ( screen shot attached ) and then dashbord is getting displayed and he is able to see all the dashboards

I am using the hosted version and working with trial account. One of my client is having the requirements , but it seems that data security is problem in ERP next

If you have not given any roles to the user the user cannot have desk access and becomes a Website User by default. This will be the view the user should see then.

Please check the roles section in the user profile again.

I created the new role by the name of test and given only read permission to purchase invoice to test the visibility. But able to view left nav bar with settings and customization links and customization link is having reports and dashboard links and it is taking to dashboard list where i an able to view all the dashboards.

My query is why the user is able to see those links as no company would want to show users unwanted data. For more example

Able to see this links also