Unable to Remove demo data

Ubable to remove demo data or demo company
it gives error while removing it -"Item {‘item_group’: ‘Demo Item Group’, ‘item_code’: ‘SKU001’, ‘item_name’: ‘T-shirt’, ‘gst_hsn_code’: ‘999512’, ‘image’: ‘https://images.pexels.com/photos/1484808/pexels-photo-1484808.jpeg’} not found
Failed to erase demo data, please delete the demo company manually.
" also while removing company it says "
Cannot delete or cancel because Company BVIPL (Demo) is linked with Purchase Invoice ACC-PINV-2023-00001

While deleting it says it is linked with GL entry

@Raghvendra_Aditya open your demo company , then manage-> delete transactions . this will delete all the transactions related to the company . you can later delete the company , but I suggest to keep it , it won’t make any problem

The issue with this is it will still show entries, warehouses and Chart of accounts of the particular company.
Which is not a good thing as other employees may accidentally select demo company.