Unable to remove field on custom form

Working through the Frappe tutorial and when I created one of the forms, I accidentally left a field type as “Data” instead of “Date.”

  • First I tried to change the type from “Data” to “Date” which wasn’t allowed.
  • I then tried to remove the field altogether so I could recreate it correctly. When I tried this I got the error message that a standard field cannot be deleted.

Is this expected behavior, or something I should file an issue for?

You can’t change field type from “Data” to “Date” in Customize Form but you can change it in Custom Field. That’s what I always do when I make a mistake like that

Thanks for the reply, that is helpful to know.

I guess in my case because it’s a DocType that I created the fields are considered standard fields instead of custom fields, so it doesn’t show up as a Custom field.