Unable to Revoke Naming series for Item

Hello All,
I Just enabled naming series for Item by maintaining couple of series in the Naming series configuration. I also made User Must always select. Off late I realized that a custom script is required for that.
I tried implementing a custom script referring to the example in the documentation. The script seems to be not working.
Now i removed the script, removed all Naming series except the default one and also the disabled the User must select checkbox.

The Problem now i face is

  1. field Item_code disappeared from Quick view - Cannot give my own item code from Quick view
  2. Full view Item_code available but of no use. Whatever value i give, It is only using the naming series

Reset the customization. Cross verified with another site. Every field of Item configuration is same as the reference site
Checked the Document type, Auto name is put back to field:item_code.

Still the error persist

did a bench update --reset.
did a bench migrate --site

Nothing could solve the problem. The issue still exist.

Am i missing any step. Your Expertise pls.

Kind Regards,

Hey, you can head over to Stock Settings > Item Naming By and select Item Code as the option instead of Naming Series, save the Settings. This should make Item Code reappear

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Thanks a lot @marination,

After changing from the stock settings it started to re-appear. Thanks for your solution. Much appreciated.