Unable to save after edit in workspace. How to fix this?

Even after removing the page that previously linked in my workspace’s card , it still says

Could not find Row #34: Link To: dispatch-package-list

How to fix this issue?

Go to the workspace doctype and delete them.

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i got this while saving after deleting from workspace doctype. @NCP

Please check the row of 34, and delete the 34 row from the link table.

I have to remove that section which have other pages and doctypes linked to card.
It deletes them all. so after that only it working. But i want to delete that page only

Delete the card and create the card again, simple!

Otherwise, share the gif or video, what is the actual issue?

yep deleting card what i have done. It works. But i dont want to delete the card . only the row of that card that liks to particular page. But after deleting that particular row, and when i save after that which causing an error

something issue with the page, no idea, because not a clear picture!