Unable to save email domain in erpnext 13

i’m using ERPNext: v13.6.0 (version-12) that installed by Bitnami vmware package .
i define all email domain and i’m sure of that , but it doesn’t save.
i just hear a bib sound and nothing happened
what should i do . thanks

Hi Mahansf,
Welcome to the community! You’re question is slightly unspecific. Can you maybe post a screenshot or clarify a bit more?

it doesn’t save without any error , just i have beep sound

Hi @Mahansf,

The Email Domain form behaves differently than other ERPNext forms.

  • When saving, it silently tries to validate your settings (server, ports, etc.) by communicating with your email server over the Internet.
  • If the validation fails? The record does not save. Often with no message.

The workaround is to keep editing your settings, until they are correct.
You should definitely verify settings such as:

  • Use IMAP
  • Use SSL for Outgoing
  • Ports
  • Make sure the firewall on the ERPNext server allows this kind of traffic.

thanks for your reply .
how can i see the log . to understand what’s wrong with it .

Unfortunately, I don’t think any logging happens. :frowning:

I deploy from bitnami package
Is it package problem or some other thing ?

i open all the port i need for pop3-smtp-imap
i test server port by telnet but still have the same problem