Unable to scan UPC barcode

I’m trying to use the native barcode scanning capability using the devices camera. I can successfully scan barcodes of other types (Code 128, Code 39, I2of5, QR) but cannot scan UPC or EAN barcodes with the camera.

Is there anything I can do to make this work other than using handheld barcode scanners? I really need the ability to use the devices camera.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Since you have not stated exactly what your device is, or even what family of devices it might be related to… (and since they all have very different app requirements)

The best I can recommend is to do a google search on your particular device to see if there is an app that can be installed to add the UPC and EAN libraries to your device.


Thanks for the reply. I need it to work on iPhones, iPads, android phones, and android tablets. I was under the impression there was a JS library that read the camera feed server side that perhaps needed tweaking as it works with other codes. Using my iPhone 12 Max Pro for testing it reads the types listed in my original post but not UPC/EAN. If I use a “regular barcode scanning app” it reads the barcodes fine.

I’m curious if I can make the builtin solution work or if I need to look at integrating another solution.

I’ve not used the barcode scanner yet in my instance. However, looking here. It might be required to use Customize Form and specify a string JSON of the format you expect in the options field.

Maybe someone with more barcode scanning experience can clarify this.