Unable to search field with IP Address in it

I have created a doctype for list if servers and one of the fields inside it is IP Address. I have added one server with IP Address, and it is successfully saved. I enabled global search on IP Address field settings. However, when I try to search in global search (e.g. there are no results.
If I add something else to same field without dots like 19216811 , the search is working fine.

any support is appreciated


Hi, Can anyone from team confirm whether it is bug or any other issue

anyone plz

I did many troubleshooting and found data is passed sucessfully to search API and in maria db there is proper entry in the content field . However still no luck to search anything with dots in it

Did you pass the data as a string or int? I believe this is where the issue is.

Only thing I debugged was above . Not sure why + & * are getting added.

data type for the field is Data and in backend it is VARCHAR

  1. Added field
  2. enabled global search on the field
  3. added doctype to global search
  4. rebuild global search

Am I missing anything.