Unable to see the newly created custom DocType


I have created a custom doctype in the Accounts module, but it’s link is not showing up on the Accounts module page. Also tried creating in other modules but is still does not show up there as well.
Could it be a permission issue or something else, where is the new custom doctype information stored which builds it’s link on the web page? It has created a table in MySQL with the new doctype which I see.

It should have come in the Documents or Setup section of the module, if you have the relevant permissions.

Hi, I’ve got the same problem.

All relevant permissions are set. I’m logged in as “Administrator”.
With the search-field I can open the doctype and enter values. But it’s not visible in the module.

Neither Reload nor ‘bench restart’ did help.

If I put it into a custom app, the doctype is visible, but that’s not really what I want.

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Material UI!

For modules like Accounts, this is custom configured. See config/accounts.py