Unable to select warehouse

I have created a warehouse with following details
Name: XXX
Warehouse Type : Office
Account : Stock In Hand - COM
Default In-Transit Warehouse : Goods In Transit - Com

So when I create new stock entry and want to select this warehouse XXX, it is not showing in list.
Why this is happening?

and I’m removing “Stock In Hand - Com” from Account field, it is showing in list but giving warning after saving:

Warehouse’s Stock Value has already been booked in the following accounts: Stock In Hand - Com

Booking stock value across multiple accounts will make it harder to track stock and account value.

It’s just a warning, you’re free to proceed if you’re fine with it.

Changing accounts in the same accounting period is allowed, but it will be very confusing to figure it out later. So it’s up to you if you still want to do it.