Unable to set-up outgoing email


I am sorry to post over a broadly discussed topic, but I have been reading all the available information and I am still unable to solve the problem.
I am unable to setup a standard and default outgoing email account, to send order confirmations to customers.
I am running ERPNext self-hosted on Wmware with the Production image I got from the website
The problem is the following: I go into email accounts and try to set-up an account example@myowncompany.com. I just select “outgoing” mail and default options.
I fill all the required information (using TLS) and I get the message “Invalid server or port”
The settings are correct as they are currently in use with other mail clients.
What’s wrong?
Maybe a firewall in the virtual machine is blocking some port?
What should I check? And how?

Thank you.

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The VM should just work. However I had problems with it about a year back where using my mail server hostname just gave errors or would hang whereas when I used the IP address for the same said server it worked absolutely fine.

Perhaps you could try this.

Also to check your open ports you could use

netstat -pntl

Hope this helps and good luck

@Julian_Robbins Thank you. I just checked that the VM could not resolve hostnames. I fixed that in ubuntu using Google DNS
Now I restarted ERPNEXT and I am getting a timeout message instead.
Any idea?
Thank you

Solved. The last problem was a matter of a port which was blocked.

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Great. Pleased I could help.

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i got the same problem, please can you share the steps about what you did to solve it?

how did you know that it was blocked?