Unable to set Write in Role Permission Manager

I have been checking around but couldnt find an answer.

I created a new role and wanted to use this to limit the pages my team can access. But my problem is the HR manager is unable to submit Leave Allocation and is getting the error below

HR Manager is able to create the leave allocation and save it but cannot submit. I checked Role Permission Manager and submit is checked but Write is not there.

I went to the User and clicked this role, I can see that Submit is indeed checked for this role but not Write Create and Delete.

The delivered HR Manager role however has all checked. This is what I want to replicate on my new HR Manager role.

Also, I went to the Doctype Leave Ledger Entry to add the permission there for Write but didnt see any difference, still unable to tick the Write permission.

Did you solve this?

Hi -

No. Still waiting if anyone got a fix or any workaround.