Unable to setup email domain

I am facing issue in setting up email domain in version 8.
ERPNext: v8.0.43 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.62 (master)

It is getting timed out every time. I have installed the erpnext in a digitalocean server having own domain.

Any error message when saving Email Domain? If yes, please share complete error message here.

Yes gmail.com is fussy - for forum tips.search say ‘gmail setup’

edit: replace ‘google’ with ‘gmail’ above!

Also looking at your screenshot you do not have ‘use SSL’ ticked which you will for gmail and almost all other mail providers nowadays.

Yes, you pointed it right but Actually while taking the screenshot, I forgot to tick the SSL. Even while ticking it, the same error message shows up. Please suggest some other solution. I have also updated my bench to the latest version but of no help.

If you using gmail service, then you need not create Email Domain at all.


The request timed out error message ERPNext is not able to connect with your email account using credentials provided. To replicate this issue, I created an Email Domain for my test Gmail Account (though not required). It worked just fine for me.

Without creating email domain, I tried to create an email account but asks to create a domain.

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While creating account without domain, It shows same error.

Is it necessary that the server should be secured to set up email domain?

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Same problems here. Can’t setup email domain as admin or as user.

Just wondering if you need to turn off some of Google’s protection system for authentication. I know I can pull emails fine from my Gmail account

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I wanna create custom emails of domain with erpnext software please anyone can help it’s urgent.

Got the solution.
There was issue with ipv6 from server provided…

If you’re using Gmail then you can generate app password from gmail app security… You would need to use this app password instead your account password…