Unable to setup Email with OAuth

Have setup earlier in previous versions of 14. But the current version is behaving strange.

Neither able to save it nor able to authorize it. The authorize button is missing.

erpnext 14.23.2
frappe 14.35.0

Hi @turqosoft,

It’s not missing. It’s available.

Some conditions apply on the button so it does not appear so check the condition according to the configuration and check it.

Thank You!

Thank You for the reply. I did check the condition, but the following condition will never satisfy, since the information won’t be saved unless authorization is complete.


So it seems to be mutually exclusive.
Tried removing the last condition, but that gives an error.

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Difference between
erpnext 14.9.0
frappe 14.17.1

erpnext 14.23.2
frappe 14.35.0

So there is change in the implementation methodology.

I haven’t any idea about it, we just check the button condition and share it with you.
If have any issues then I think you should create an issue on GitHub.