Unable to setup my email account

Hi all,

I am not able to set up my emails in erpnext.

in my gmail account less secure apps is ON but still not able to send and receive any mails .

And even after submitting invoices mails are not reaching to customers.

Please suggest me what I am missing.

Welcome to erpnext Akshay_Patil

Very likely a firewall issue closed port - search ‘troubleshoot gmail’, ‘gmail setup’ or similar for posts for docs and troubleshooting steps for clues.

I had this challenge before and figured it out after a while. Confirm the following:

First, when you set up the email account was your configuration saved?

Secondly, did you select SSL/TLS and Use IMAP when setting up the mail? If you don’t select these options chances are that your configuration is not complete even though it might have been saved.

Thirdly, while setting up the email account i suggest you leave the service option blank. I selected Gmail while setting up and found issues but i left it blank and used the domain option to specify that its Gmail and it’s worked since then.

Finally if the steps above have been checked, confirm if you enabled scheduler in bench and check your email queue at Developer>Email Queue and check if mails are queued there. If mails are there their status would typically be sent or not sent. If they’re there and marked as not sent, it means your background job is having issues processing the mail queue. you can then click each mail and select send now to push the mail out.

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