Unable to setup sales invoice as per our needs. NEED HELP

We have very Specific Type of requirement and i am struggling to make it work.
Case 1.

Product A : 1 ltr bottle (NOS) / selling to distributors in BOX ( pack of 20 ).

  • Rate Based on bottle (NOS) - fetched from rate list
  • QTY based on BOX BOX ( pack of 20 )

so when creating invoice type no of box want to sell.

example :- 2
calculate nos = 40 (2 * 20 in each box).
price per nos = 100
item value = 100 * 40 = 4000.
option to give discount per NOS = -1000
Value = 3000

Print on Invoice :- QTY of BOX , Conversion Rate, QTY of NOS, Price per NOS, Discount on Rate List in percentage. Extra Discount Freight etc.

hi @branding_wizard

Have you tried product bundle

Product Bundle

In this case, you will have to set the conversion factor for this particular item. Have you set the same in the item master? Set is as below.

Next, in the Sales Invoice, set the UOM for the item as Box, in the item row.

The item added will look something as below:

You can later apply 1000 discount on 4000 as shown below.

For this, add the needed fields/columns in the print format.

Hope this helps.

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i was able to come this far but problem is i want price to be based on nos not box. so 100 per nos. and that price should be based on price list on which i will give discount. hope this clarifies my problem