Unable to Setup Sendgrid Integration Correctly


First of all I would like to thank @alex_melkoff for providing this app for sendgrid integration. I have tried to install this app but it seems that the app is not communicating with sendgrid.

My email account is properly setup since I am able to send emails from my account via sendgrid but the problem is that the status of the emails is not getting updated.

I have created a API key and entered the same in the API key in email account but what I think is the problem is that the email notifications setting in the Sendgrid Account is INACTIVE.

Is there a way I can debug what exactly is going wrong and then try to make this integration work.

@adityaduggal FYI, we have decided to move to SparkPost!

So with sparkpost we would get the status reports for the communication out of the box for ERPNext: v6.27.22

Is there a way we could setup sparkpost webhooks. I am in desparate need for getting to know the status of emails sent via our erpnext system but I am not getting any currently any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.