Unable to Submit Sales Invoice, error missing Delivery Note (Drop Shipment)

Created one Sales Order containing one product with Drop Shipping option enabled. On SO the Delivered by Supplier also automatically enabled. Submitted successfully.

Then created Purchase Order from Sales Order. Submitted and made status Delivered.
Also made Purchase Invoice and its Payment.

Assuming the product has been delivered physically, then when trying to make Sales Invoice, there’s error: “Delivery Note is mandatory for Item ISD-BB-023P-V-Y99”.

I check there’s no DN related to this SO/PO. The DN was never created (or asked) when the PO status was made Delivered.

Not sure if this is a bug or missing in steps. Anyone?

Check in Selling Settings if Delivery Note required is set to YES?

Change it to NO and try again?

Hope this helps.

Setting “Delivery Note Required” option to No, I was able to proceed with the Sales Invoice and its payment. Thanks.

However, suppose if the business rule requires the Delivery Note (from supplier) as proof of delivery and acceptance (because otherwise this [distributor/reseller] company will never know if the customer had received the goods or not from the supplier before sending the Sales Invoice). I have tested that whenever I create the DN, there’s no related SO shown on the window after Get Items from - Sales Order. It’s not feasible to enter the products manually again if we had tens/hundreds of them. Shouldn’t the related SO be shown?