Unable to switch email inbox

I have a user in which I linked 3 mailboxes.
When I go to my mail box, on the left I have a dropdown selection with “All Accounts” selected.
If I try to switch to any other mail I get "Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for.
How can I fix this?

Still looking for assistance in this

this is a known bug i have shared multiple bugs on github for the same but frappe team has no response…

ideally a very robust n perfect mailbox tool is a must in erp application,
at the moment erpnext lacks a serious email mailbox viewer,

one cannot even save a daft…

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Yes, the number of issues with the mailbox tool is very frustrating. It makes ERPNext overall a lot less functional for us because we can’t use all of the (otherwise really useful) features, such as creating a lead or a contact or an issue from an email.

Oh okay so this is a common issue.
However for users with 1 mail address, is everything functional to make ERPNext there only method of mailing? Or are there chances of lost mails, etc…

Also is there an option to disable storing attachments automatically to server?
We get a lot of circulars daily and it keeps storing all attachments and images in files.