Unable to sync Google Contacts

Hi have been unable to get the Google Contacts integration to successfully import my contacts. I can create the google contacts account and authorize access successfully. However when I try to sync my contacts I have gotten two different error messages. Initially the message was:

“TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable”

Now I only get:

“Error: Value missing for Contact: Google Contacts Id”

After the error message the sync fails and no contacts are imported. If I click on sycn again, I get a message that there are no new Google contacts. I after which, in order to repeat the error I have to delete the Google Contacts account in ERPNext and then recreate it.

Any help in getting me going in the right direction would be appreciated.

Im having the same issue if someone can help

Having the same issue myself, anyone find a solution het.

same here as well with the latest version.

This happens when there is a contact inside your google contacts address book which has no name field (first name, middle name or last name) filled out. It could also be when other fields aren’t filled out but I haven’t tested it. You can “fix” the issue by adding name fields to every contact.

(frappe/google_contacts.py at b1e9bc8d12d35d20e9b9bee0f29922753902d0ca · frappe/frappe · GitHub)

I need help on setting up G Contacts account, and getting it authorised in Frappe.

Can you share which guide / article you use to get both set up?

Never mind. It is up and sync’ing.

The only major issue is that any new edits in Contacts (either in Google or in Frappe) won’t be sync’ed.

Need to fix this…

i got this problem too and cant fix