Unable to to perform upgrade of ERPNext - New Installation Stuck at bench new-site Command

Dear All,

After a worryingly unsuccessful attempt to upgrade my ERPNext installation due to database migrtion errors (someting I really do not like to see and that makes me worried about real-life data!) I have decided to do a new installation using the latest git clone, etc. manual procedure as outlined in GitHub/Frappe. I am running FreeBSD, hence the entirely manual method.
Things work fine until it comes to “bench new-site --db-name [instance name] [instance name]” step.
I have, running a multi-server setup, created a MariaDB admin user (instead of the password-less root user for local installations, and deleted the MariaDB root user. Adding “–mariadb-root-username admin --mariadb-root-password [admin password]” has unfortunately never worked (though it is supposed to be), and I always had to re-create a root user, to make thing work. This time, however, with the last upgrade, I the command “bench new-site --db-name [instance name] --mariadb-root-username root [instance name]” just hangs, does not produce any logs, neither locally within Frappe nor with MariaDB. Even a password-less root user does not give any joy.
I am running MariaDB version 5.5.47 on a different server, and run ERPNext on Python 2.7.11 and use virtualenv to keep the installation in one place.
Any ideas or thoughts? Reinstallations have been attempted a-plenty, no joy.
Thanks a lot, indeed!

Could be a network issue between your machine and the MariaDB server?

Thanks a lot Mehta, I should have mentioned that I did check that… The mysql client works too, with the given passwords.
I am a bit clueless at present…

Just for clarification: The mysql client works, but the ERPNext installation process does not, as described above. So it cannot be a network issue.
This issue prevents me from install ERPNext. Any ideas, what I might have missed?
Thanks a lot, Chris

Dear All,
Am I the only one with this issue?