Unable to update GST of Multiple Branches on same Company

I have multiple branches in my company. All under one PAN but different GST numbers. How do I set that in ERP next. The way show in docs does not exist. Is it a bug or something.

Ref: https://docs.erpnext.com/docs/user/manual/en/gst-for-multiple-branches

Don’t have any options as shown in screenshot.


You can add multiple GSTINs by creating multiple addresses linked to the company.
You can add the address from the Company Doctype.

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@Lakshit_Jain Thank you. Will I be able to treat them as different entities as cost center or branch and obtain separate reports on the basis of this segregation.

For GST Reports, you have filters based on GSTIN at required places. No need to create a cost centre just for this.

In case you do create one, it cannot be correlated to GSTIN automatically without customisation (which can be achieved easily).

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