Unable to Upload File

I was not able to upload file over the cloud infrastructure.
already insdide sites/site1.local/site_config.json, "max_file_size": 10000000 is set (sufficient)
was getting HTTP response 413. Further diagnose in nginx logs pointed to
client intended to send too large body.

Behind nginx routing which forward request to erp nginx (so two nginx) involved to route and process the request.

…found solution so posting for everyone’s benefit.

in all the nginx server involved (as point out because of our infrastructure configuration we have two nginx which receive the request first before passing to erpnext server), checked nginx config for
client_max_body_size and found this parameter was not at all present in first nginx (our router).
We set the client_max_body_size 100m in nginx config and upload starts working.
Point to be noted: Nginx recieves the http request before erpnext server logic so diagnose nginx too for possible response errors.