Unable to use amended pos invoice on pos closing entry

Please I need help.

Cashier completed order with the Point of Sales, but during closing POS entry we noticed she used some wrong mode of payment, hence the sales proceed didn’t balance according to her chosen mode of payment.

In order to correct it, i canceled the POS Invoice and amended it to suit the mode of payment she used to collect the money.
The problem now is that we can’t close(POS Closing Entry)on those amended invoices again. The system keeps throwing up an error message that POS INVOICE ISN’T CREATED BY THE USER
I have tried several users to close it, including the administrator user which I used to cancel and amend the invoice but it keeps throwing up the error as shown on the attached pix


Please, my inventory gurus kindly suggest how I can tackle this issue. Thank you

Ok, this is a bit strange and will need some clarification from you.

Once you amend a PoS invoice using a different user, it should no longer show up under the cashier’s profile when posting PoS Closing Entry.

Did you manually add the amended invoices to the PoS Closing entry linked invoice table?

From my perspective the only way you can close the shift for this cashier is to remove the offending PoS invoices from the Linked invoices table

I will also recommend that you cancel the amended PoS Invoices and post them as normal sales Invoices so you can end the trading day properly.


Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! . It wasn’t appearing on the table as you said. I manually added it.

She created 10 invoices and I cancelled and amended 7 out of it. When I go to close POS entry, it’s only the 3 that was not cancelled will appear. But because all the sales was made by her, I thought I can manually add them on the table before closing.

I guess that was why it wasn’t submitting, I need to delete it and post it manually with sales invoice.
Now it’s clear I was doing the wrong thing.