Unallocated Amount error

I upgraded the ERPNext today but I am facing problems with the payment entry module.
The calculation for unallocated amount is wrong in the payment entry.
I am using paypal so conversion should be from usd to inr, however the unallocated amount is shown in INR but calculated as USD so overall value of unallocated amount (INR) is very high.
Attaching two screenshots, 1 before update and 1 after update for almost the same amount.
Before update

After update

The amount in the after update screenshot (590.48 USD) should actually be (509.48 INR). SInce that field is for USD to it should be shown at the corresponding rate. Since the difference amount is not zero, I cannot save the payment entry.
Please correct this asap because it is affecting for all the customers and I cannot add payment entry for any of them regardless whether the customer is paying using Paypal (usd to inr) or NEFT/IMPS (Inr to inr).

I’m also Facing this Issue. this was solved?