Unattended Install Script for Versions 13 - 15

If you’re eager to install Version 15, use the script below.

Supports Version 13 - 15 installation. You can select the specific version you wish to install and it will set up your bench, install Frappe and ERPNext apps. You can set up development or production and it will help you install SSL certificate as well.

Give it a try.


The last output prints out version 14, instead you should print the variable you stored earlier for version.

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Thanks for catching that. Updated the output to print the version installed dynamically.

@flexy2ky Beautiful script, It saved me a lot of time. Thanks.
The SSL part isn’t working for me. I did map the server ip to my domain but it’s not working. Did i miss something? or do i have to manually edit the nginx config file manually?

To troubleshoot the SSL issue, first check if your domain resolves to the IP of your machine. If yes then run this command to obtain ssl certificate manually:

sudo certbot --nginx

and follow the on-screen instructions to install SSL. If it fails, share the error here so i can identify what the issue is.

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This worked for me. Thanks :pray:.