Uncleared PDC Cheque - Increasing Customer Credit Limit

Company Name = ABCD
Credit Limit set on Customer Master = 10000
Credit Limit Set on Company Master = 0

Sold and item at 10000 with 5% tax
Received a PDC cheque with an amount of 10000. Posting date set on Current Date + 7 and reference date is current date. When I check the Customer Credit Balance showing 10000.

Since it is a PDC cheque and not yet cleared we need to stop any further sales with them. So how we can achieve this?

Maybe you can create a Payment Entry and submit it only when the cheque is cleared.

Thank @Pawan, But in that case if the customer ask us the Statement it will not reflect their Cheque received information right?

Yes. Also, avoid tagging personally as replies on the forum are voluntary.

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If any one is interested to develop this feature maybe I can contribute the money. Please post the cost.

Hope this pull request will work for the feature required : https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/pull/12961
Its exactly the same with bank statement management.