Understanding Assessment Criteria Group

First of all the doucmentation for Assessment criteria group is missing here:

But what really i want to understand is, that in aprox. all institutes, we have two kinds of Assessments for each course,
one is course work assessment
second is final assessment

Coursework Assessment can have two or more assessment criteria, like Quiz, Attendance, Assignments.
And Final assessment will have only one or more assessment criteria, like Final Exam, or/and Final Practical

Now what I understand from ERPNext Education Module that, we assess the student course, for all assessment criteria’s and at the end system is calculating the final grade for the student in that course. And each criteria having weight set for that course.
But as per most institutes we have rule that student will only pass if he gets at-least 35% from Coursework Assessment and 25% of Final Assessment.

I know that we can make assessment groups, but how we can make student pass or fail or F or what ever on the basis of Assessment Criteria Groups?

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did you find a solution for the above?

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My understanding of the way ERPNext is working (with education) is that it is more like the final assessment you described. So you can only have one assessment (or grade) for each of the criteria you have chosen for that course. Of course this is not ideal, you may have many assessments for each of the criteria chosen.
So consider that ERPNext will only register your last / final grade for each of the criteria.


the way I see it, ERPNext creates an assessment based on a set of criteria that will later be graded. But where do I create the assessment questions and print it to be distributed to the class members? And how do I assign to each assessment a percentage of the total grade and define the calculation method. Lets say we have mid term exams and final year exams and each type has a specific percentage. Is this available or should we consider a customization?

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From my understanding:
on your first question, ERPNext can help you create questions (basic multiple choice) that you can post on the portal (LMS in education settings).

On your second set of questions, For each courses in your program, you have to set your assessment criteria and then your grading scale. The assessment criteria in your case (i’m assuming here) would be final 50% of final grade, mid-term 30% of final grade, Lab 15%, Homework 5%.
Then you set you grade scale, which can convert percentage to a letter, or whatever number to another number.

Hope this help.