Understanding the bubble/circle numbers

Is there a setting somewhere that determines if a particular gets counted within the bubble number?

In my manufacturing section, it shows a “1” in the bubble, but ALL of my Prod Orders are Completed, so I guess I don’t understand where these numbers come from.

The notifications don’t always update automatically. There are no settings for them, they are just there.

Could there be a stopped order? It may still count as 1.

@cpurbaugh - there are no stopped or cancelled orders. I remove all the filters, every order is completed but bubble shows.

Oddly, we just made a new prod order and its In Progress and there is NO notification number at all. It makes little to no sense :smile:

@ryarrow notifications are updated every few minutes. Does this problem still persist?

Aha. I was expecting instant - every few minutes makes perfect sense and explains the behavior I was seeing. There’s no way to configure what counts towards a notification though, right?

@rmehta, could the instant update feature from the messaging be integrated the notifications as well?